Small Business Video Marketing

Business GraphYes, you do need video…

…and I’m not just saying that. Small business video marketing is essential. The research shows over and over, more and more, that video will probably give you the greatest return on your marketing investment (ROI). 51.9% of marketing professionals worldwide name video as the content with the best ROI. I’m not saying you should only use video, but that you should definitely include it in your marketing – and expect great things. (more stats here)

Kinds of videos

There are all kinds of videos that accomplish different purposes for your business. A combination will not only help you attract your ideal customer into your marketing funnel, but also effectively help you establish your online reputation and convert prospects throughout the funnel. And then, once you have customers, videos help you to keep them. You have useful information that will continue to nurture them and your relationship.

Brand Videos

Brand videos are what most people tend to think of as small business video marketing. These basically show your business and ideally show you and your passion for what you do, too.

Customer-ReviewsReview Videos

Review videos are very simple videos about your business that show what people are saying. They can be a short but effective way to put you on the first page of Google, especially if you are a local business with a unique niche – and most local businesses have something unique. These are a great way to attract people into your marketing funnel.

Testimonial Videos

If you have a few customers who have become real fans, perhaps they would be willing to tell why in a video. This is very effective.

Demonstration Videos

Potential customers who are on the fence about purchasing may feel more confident after seeing a demonstration of what you offer. This is a great way to convert prospects who have entered your funnel.

Explainer Videos

These are similar to demonstration videos. They explain a concept, product or service and may be entertaining. They can use various styles including animation.

How-to or Instructional Videos

The potential buyer wants to be sure s/he will be able to use or install your product. A step-by-step video can be just the tutorial they need and you don’t have to say and do the same thing yourself over and over again.

interview in progressInterview Videos

Share your own expertise or interview another expert. These are very helpful in establishing your credibility as an expert.

And More…

Only your creativity (and mine) limits how small business video marketing can be used to boost your business and help you meet your goals. Want to talk about it? Contact me. And please sign up for our e-newletter.