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Real estate video is no longer an option if you're selling real estate - whether you are a professional or selling your own home. Studies show that 85 % of sellers - and buyers - want to work with realtors who use video. Also, you want to do the best you can to sell property efficiently and effectively - as fast as possible for the best price. Right? Video has been shown to be the current tool for doing that. Not just photos or virtual-tours, but video. Listing videos are just one kind of marketing video for real estate. Only your creativity (and ours) limits the potential! You can put video to work for you 24/7 and all over the world!

Vermont-Style Real Estate Transactions

You also want to be fair and honest. Good real estate transactions are a win-win situation. By using video you can more accurately represent the home you're selling - and yourself. You can demonstrate your own authenticity in video and people like that. Let's face it, real estate agents haven't always had a good reputation, in general. Times have changed, but not everyone knows that. Here's your chance to be yourself and show that you can be trusted.

MoreĀ Statistics...

TheĀ National Association of Realtors (NAR) and Google conducted a study called Digital House Hunting and, in addition to the statistics above, here are a few more:

86% of buyers watch online videos with information about communities and neighborhoods

70% of home buyers watch videos to see listings

Homes listed with videos get 4-times as many inquiries and those with no video

Emails that have videos have double click-through rates and opt-outs are reduced by 75%


Also, are you trying to sell your own home? You need all the help you can get! Real estate video will put you ahead of the game. There's no reason why you can't compete with real estate professionals for the perfect buyer for your home. Fewer than 4 % of realtors have Youtube accounts! If you choose to try a listing video, you'll be way ahead of the game. Video plus optimization equals success!

Working Together

We can work together in many ways to create the best video marketing strategy for you. There are things we can both do to get videos up and running to accomplish your goals. Depending on your budget, time and interest, we can be a team.


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