Video Marketing for Nonprofits

Can’t possibly add one more thing!

I hear you! I’ve spent most of my life working in nonprofits and NGOs in the U.S. and abroad. You have a mission to work toward; a board of directors to work with; demands from every direction; fundraising; spreading awareness; volunteers to recruit and work with; annual reports to write, donor relations; grant proposals to research, write and track – and the list goes on and on. I know.

how can i helpVideo can help you work smarter

So when you’re working so hard, what do you need to do? Strategize to help you work smarter. You probably do an annual strategic plan and part of that plan may have a timeline of who will do what, how they’ll do it and when. Well, guess what. Video can be a valuable tool to help you get it all done! Don’t forget – once a video is finished, optimized and online, it works for you around the clock and around the globe, tirelessly.


Stories are powerful for nonprofits for many reasons and videos are excellent at communicating stories. Whether you’re fundraising, applying for grants or training – stories will meet many of your needs. Sad stories, happy stories, stories that show the challenges and stories that show the victories – these are important for you to share.

people holding handsBudget

There’s no money  to hire a professional film crew and no expertise or equipment to do it yourself? You’d be surprised at what you can do on a shoestring. I can coach you and work together with you to develop a strategy and carry it out. When you experience the value of marketing video, perhaps the budget for it will increase.

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Now’s the time. Just drop me a quick message. We can set up a time to meet for a free consultation to see how you can use video to accomplish some, if not many, of your goals. Also, sign up for my free e-newsletter. There are DIY tips there that would help you.