Burlington, VT waterfront - Carolyn Bates, photographer, thumbnail

Vermont Photographer Carolyn Bates

Vermont photographer Carolyn Bates does incredible work. She specializes in architectural photography but does pretty much everything. Her digital images and ability to use Photoshop results in wonderful photos of all kinds. Food, portraits, lifestyle, pets, landscapes, still-lifes, you name it. Take a look at this video I put together of some of her work […]

Shy Guy Gelato - Burlington, VT

Shy Guy Gelato, Burlington VT

Best Food You Can Imagine What is the best thing you can imagine eating? I know. So many variables. Anyway, Shy Guy Gelato in Burington, VT is pretty amazing stuff. So smooth and, on a hot day like this, the cold feels wonderful in your mouth and great sliding down. And the flavors! Wow! Try […]


Review Videos

Customer Reviews Review videos will help establish your online reputation. Customer reviews are powerful in our current world of instant online information. You, know, they are those things that often have you rate someone with 1 to 5 stars and comment on their service or product. What are people saying about you? Hopefully, it’s good! Whatever […]