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Customer Reviews

Customer ReviewsReview videos will help establish your online reputation. Customer reviews are powerful in our current world of instant online information. You, know, they are those things that often have you rate someone with 1 to 5 stars and comment on their service or product. What are people saying about you? Hopefully, it's good! Whatever it is, it's online in various places like Facebook, Yelp and LinkedIn. You should be sure to encourage your happy customers to add comments to these.

Review Videos

So, what's a review video? This is a really short, simple video I can make about your business to give you some Powerful Positive Online Visibility. That's kind of a mouthful. By taking a few images to represent your business, briefly describing it and adding some things your customers have said in online reviews, we can put together a video of about 30 to 45 seconds that will give potential customers a snapshot of who you are and what you do, through the eyes of your customers.

Powerful Online Visibility

Why is this so powerful? Especially if you are a local business - or nonprofit - we can easily optimize your short video and upload it to at least Youtube and Facebook. You can also use it in many other places, but by just getting this simple online presence in video, you may find yourself on page one of Google with a video "thumbnail" - a small image that shows you have a video posted. People's eyes tend to go to them before all the print on the page. Videos are fun to watch. Chances are your image will start getting clicks.

Marketing FunnelAn Entrance to Your Marketing Funnel

Do you know about marketing funnels? Well, these little videos are a great way to attract potential customers into yours. By including a call-to-action in your review video, there is a good chance that prospective customers will gradually become full customers as they move through the funnel.

First Marketing Video

This is a great way to begin using video for marketing. It's affordable and effective. Let's do it now! Contact me and we'll put one together and get it posted right away.

Here's a Review Video Example...

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