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DIY Video Coaching
empowering and assisting you in your own video marketing projects

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Video Marketing Consulting
consulting with your organization on your video needs and how to meet them
Review Videos
short marketing videos that highlight what people are saying about you

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Real Estate Videos
home tour/info videos for people selling their own homes and real estate agents, as well as brand and informational videos for professionals

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Nonprofit Videos
short videos for all nonprofit purposes such as mission awareness, inspiration, information and fundraising

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Small Businesses
all kinds of short videos to help attract and nurture your dream customers

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three reasons to use video marketing...

it gets results

Website visitors who watch a video are 85% more likely to make a purchase. ~


best marketing ROI

According to 51.9% of marketing professionals, video gets you the most for your money. ~


higher ranking

You are 50 times as likely to appear on page one of Google if you use video marketing. ~


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what people are saying...

“You are fantastic in post [post-production video editing]. Just the very, very best.”

“Perfect in every way!”

Larry B. Vermont

“I was impressed with your new video...!”

Cynthia K. Vermont

“Love your video!”

Ron W. Vermont

“This is an amazing montage of this year’s tour."

Sandy L. Vermont

“Beautiful videos …  I really like them.”

I can’t wait to hear all about what you’re doing!

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